Saturday, November 6, 2010

Testing this bitch

The hero pilot and cabin crew involved in a dramatic jet failure this week were forced to return to Singapore again yesterday after a second Qantas flight was hit by engine trouble.

Passengers screamed and air crew shouted for them to adopt the crash position after flames or sparks were seen coming from the engine of a Qantas flight leaving Singapore airport with 431 passengers and crew onboard.

After calmly landing an A380 superjet that experienced a dramatic mid-air explosion earlier this week, Captain Richard de Crespigny again failed to travel to Sydney yesterday, as he and his cabin crew witnessed a second Qantas explosion, this time as passengers.

Flight control: Captain Richard de Crespigny piloted a Qantas jet to safety after an explosion this week and was a passenger on a second flight disrupted by engine problems

Lightning strikes twice: Passengers on a Qantas flight to Sydney were left terrified yesterday after sparks or flames were seen coming from an engine. Earlier this week an engine on a Qantas superjumbo plane exploded mid-air

The 747 jumbo ran into trouble 20 minutes after take-off on its way to Sydney when passengers heard a loud bang and saw flames or sparks coming from an engine.

QF6 immediately returned to Singapore airport and made a safe landing.

Captain de Crespigny and the cabin crew from the superjet involved in the first engine failure were travelling as passengers on the 747 aircraft, making their second attempt to fly to Sydney.

It is believed that some of the passengers from the superjet were also on the jumbo jet.

Captain de Crespigny has been hailed a hero for the way he handled the crisis on the A380 superjet, assuring passengers that the aircraft was under control and that after dumping fuel it would land in Singapore.


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